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The puzzle pages in this wiki have an own page for every language, that can be distinguished by the shortcut at the end of the name. Up to now german, english and spanish are supported. To add further languages, please contact User:Berni.

How to translate a page into english?

  1. Edit the german page 'Beispielrätsel/de', add an interwiki-link at the end of the page '[[en:Example puzzle]]' and save the page. Please check, that you did not add the '/en' at the end of the name in the interwiki-link!
  2. Now you'll find a link "english" at the left column. When you click this link, you can add the new page.
  3. The most easy way is problably to copy the content of the german page into the new page (via copy & paste). This means, that you allready has the pictures and layout right and you can start with translation immidiately.
  4. When you finished, please add an interwiki-link at the end of the page back to the german page (and others if there are).

Thats all.