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Welcome in the Puzzlewiki of Logic Masters Deutschland e.V.

The Puzzlewiki is a collection of logic puzzle types. One of the most widely known examples of a logic puzzle is sudoku, but there are thousands of other logical puzzles types, and they will be collected and categorized here. As of right now, 109 English language pages of puzzles have been created.

Searching puzzle types

There are three main ways to find puzzles types and varaints in the wiki:

You can also use the Search button at the left margin.


For the time being, we are the most interested in collecting basic information on all puzzles that have been used in recent years in puzzle championships. This information will eventually include descriptions of the puzzle in German and English (each on its own page) and a small example.

We have also started to categorize the puzzles, and we have added variants in some cases when they are available.

Adding puzzle types

There are a lot of possible ways to help with the Puzzlewiki:

  • On Meta:Liste fehlender Rätsel/de you'll find a lot of missing puzzle types. When you know what one of these is, you can add an article about it.
  • You can also correct or add to existing articles. For example, translation into another language will often be needed. Also, if you are a native English speaker, you could also edit the English texts to read more smoothly, as many of them will have been written by Germans).
  • You can also search for websites in the internet, where these puzzles can be found, and add them to the articles.
  • Or you can help to keep the meta pages up to date. For example, you can add missing puzzles to the puzzle lists or categorize the puzzles further.
  • And maybe you've got own ideas on how to improve this wiki? Go on... We're interested in any constructive suggestions you may have.